This is the Future of Making Money on YouTube in 2017 and Beyond

This is the future of making money on YouTube in 2017 and beyond. Go to for video notes, related content, tips, and helpful resources mentioned.

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In this video, you will learn about the future of making money on YouTube in 2017 and beyond. After YouTube had made a big tweak to their algorithm, hurting countless creators, there certain things you need to start focusing on to make money off your channel in the future. Enjoy the video and let me know what you think in the comments below!

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  • The Fugitive

    please talk faster

    • Scy Vortex

      The Fugitive he’s trying to keep us here longer!!! Lol jk

    • Kasimir Walter

      I spend less than an hour per day “working” online and I’m earning an extra $1200 or more per week from home. This is how I’ve able to accomplish this: *Bludos . c om* You guys should give this an honest try. You won’t be disappointed. β€œThe roughest roads often lead to the top.”

    • MusicFilmArtLover

      And with more energy! You also sound like you;re tired or just got home from work. lol

  • Maneisha Culmer

    It’s already hard as a small YouTuber to grow when starting from scratch and now this 😞.

  • JorgeVlogs

    like your video thanks alot im subscribing because it helped me πŸ™‚


    Great content and your voice and speed is perfect for new people.

  • rarecoolitems

    Use YouTube to promote yourself or product.

  • dee carey


  • Noah Plitt

    No one has patience why would they do that …not helping anyone out

  • christo jansen van vuuren

    live streaming info pls

  • Malcolm Small

    good tips thanx

  • Funny Friend Franca

    Some of Philip Defrancos videos have been demonetized by youtube for being too controversial.

  • Teddy Smith crew checking in.

  • Susan Michael

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  • Garou Wolfs Haven

    This is going to kill diy, maker, and educational YouTubers. Most of what I watch and the type of channel I was going to create.

  • Crazy BulgarianAdventure

    Just an observation that you said about posting daily content, you said daily vlogs and news events then said not everyone open a news channel, but the statistics you showed were based on news, what other statistics do you have??

  • Cartman

    Oh man, this new algorythm is killing me. I think the main problem is people don’t see your videos in home page, they really need to look for you in the subscriptions tab if they haven’t seen your videos in a while. I have around 8000 subs and it takes me a week to get a 1000 views on a new video. But before the adpocalypse, I would get 5000 views in a matter of hours. They really mesed me up .

  • Kevin Cook

    Very interesting and informative !

  • Stumblinn

    I was very surprised to see what a small percentage (20 – 25%) of your videos people watch as your videos are usually loaded with a lot of very useful content, which apparently a large chunk of your viewers are missing out on. I really don’t understand why someone would go to a video that interests them and then watch only a quarter of it. Every now and then I turn a video off within the first few minutes but only if it is so poorly done that I am finding it painful to watch. Yours are easy to watch though. I do have a couple of questions for you about the new analytics. While I usually watch at least 95% of a video, there are times that I cannot do it all in one sitting. Does YouTube only count how much of a video you watch the first time you watch it or do they track it when people return to the same video later that day (or even the next day) to finish watching it? How about when they watch it more than once? For example, sometimes I watch a video that I know either my partner will enjoy or it relates to something we have been discussing at which point, I will put it into a folder to show him when he gets home. Since that is occurring on my Chromebook though it would look as if I am watching it twice. Does YouTube ignore the second watching from the same person?

  • Regina M.

    Is that why this video is so long, so that you keep people watching longer??? This video is double the time, versus what you created in the past.

  • Micheal Niduaza

    For those complaining about his talk speed.. The 1st thing he mentions in the video pretty much explains it. “How much time people are spending on your videos and how much total watch time on the videos you are getting lately” .. durp.

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