How to Make Money Looking at Cool Stuff on Amazon

How to make money looking at cool stuff on Amazon and other sites. Visit for video notes, related content, and helpful resources mentioned.

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In this video, you will learn how to make money looking at cool stuff on Amazon. We all look at gift ideas, gadgets, home decor, supplements, and all kinds of other stuff on websites like Amazon all the time, but you may not know that you can make money from doing so. I'll show you step-by-step what to do and give you examples as well as the best resources to help you. Enjoy the video and let me know what you think in the comments below!

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  • robert gates

    *Joining this program changed my concepts in life, changed my energy level, and changed my future to the better [Link Here==****  ]. I will forever show appreciation to you guys for this amazing opportunity.*

  • North Yippie

    O am going to try this! I will let you know how well this optiin works!

  • MrRossss1

    if you have an app that directs people to amazon products do you still need a website or can you just embed your affiliate tag in the url? thanks 🙂

  • Esther Cargill

    I am finally going to take the step to start my own website! Oh boy! 1❤️

  • Nancy Lewis

    What WP theme is used on “This is Why I’m Broke”?

  • Jon Singleton

    On Pinterest, can you put the affiliate link directly on the website section?

  • TheBlessedDriver

    Thanks so much for sharing. Bless you!

  • Toni Mortimer

    on Amazon associates they won’t allow an account unless you have a website I found.. but how can you have a website if all you wish to do is affiliate link products? they rejected my application for not having a website…so not sure how one can over come this…I do have. a wordpress blog on the product ranges I wanted to market the affiliate links but they still rejected it..I had lots of original content but it made no difference…so your comments would be appreciated thanks

  • Tech Parental

    just and I think you need to create a website first with some postings up there. Amazon Affiliates will reject your application if they do not see an active website first. I’ve been rejected three times and I have a website and growing YouTube channel

  • Alex A

    Thanks for telling us that Pinterest ‘officially’ allows links, didn’t know about that one. Does anybody know of any more social media that allows links? 🙂

  • Diane C

    Just what I have been looking for. Thanks!

  • Don Newkirk

    Great Video Justin, thanks!

  • David Bloch

    sweet info! – just one note.. amazon does want you to create an affiliate account first, in the instructions they do state that the pages need to be established.. I will go set my wordrpress site now. Thanks so much Justin! ( Def, please correct me if I am wrong) Thank you again.

  • 1airforcebrat

    Thank you Justin for continuing to make videos. Your content is getting better and better.

  • Евгений Прядко

    Thanx for stereo, Justin!:)

  • la la

    you are a wonderful human being. Thank you.

  • Linda F

    Thanks for sharing and being so detailed. 🙌🏽

  • Rusty Mustard

    I watched this vid a couple of days ago and got my site up and running now, i’ve got domain, hosting, wordpress with all the themes and plugins and such, I think i’m ready to launch, my site is live, but i just have one simple question,,,

    How many products should i start with at launch? I’ve got 6 products up now, how many should i add before i start driving traffic to the site?