How To Increase Facebook Likes Organically Without Ads

Learn how to increase Facebook likes organically without ads with 21 ways –

Facebook pages are still great marketing tools to have even after Facebook changed their algorithm dramatically and hurt many peoples' engagement. You just have to follow of few strategies and do things a little differently to keep getting business from your page.

When it comes to increasing Facebook page likes, you may think it is all about ads. But, there are actually 21 great strategies for increasing your Facebook likes organically without paying a dime or using any kinds of ads. I will teach you those strategies in this video.

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  • Nicholas Brown

    You forgot to add – pretend you’re a girl and post a lot of photos if said girl – that would work better than anything that’s legit – then delete all her pix and boom you got a ton of likes and a new page lmao

  • Gunjan Yadav

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  • Evelyn Paredes

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  • The SpeOne

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  • Humaun Kabir

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  • Lorraine Menza

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  • Koto Baira

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  • Profit with Pure Leverage

    Thanks for the video. Tons of actionable information.

  • Jennifer Taylor

    Thanks, Justin. Great tips.

  • Charles Bachalisu

    recycling is okay as long as it’s not ocd. some people are using those auto posts and they post the exact same thing once a week. it’s really annoying. on places like twitter it’s infuriating, because they will post their entire arsenal every. single. day.

    • Charles Bachalisu

      then suddenly spring to life for a hot topic or an unwelcome political comment. ‘stirring the pot’ for likes, which usually gets me to unlike the page instead.

    • Charles Bachalisu

      nothing worse for me then to find something i really truly enjoy, and realize several days later it’s just a bot. how very disappointing.

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  • Mat Ronson

    but it can bring traffic to your website

  • Carol Baker - REALTOR

    Loved all the information to help make my Facebook page more productive! Thank you!

  • Ham m

    hi, does putting more content on your page get your page noticed by people other than friends of your followers?

    • Sri Govind

      Do mail me at if you need any help. 🙂

    • Ham m

      +Sri Govind trying to get my t shirt brand to a wider audience like the states and that

    • Sri Govind

      Always a pleasure. 🙂

    • Ham m

      +Sri Govind brilliant thank you

    • Sri Govind

      The thing is most of the content you publish on Facebook reaches your fans/followers (all those who have liked your page) first. Then, once a certain person likes or better yet shares the content on their page it increases the likelihood of more people reading or viewing your content and thereby like/comment/share the same. The effort should be made in making content that is relevant to your followers so that they like it and share it on their page. With more and more people fighting for ‘feed’ space in the news feed of a user, it is imperative that you bring out content that is relevant and at the same time worthy of being shared on their page. To sum up, yes it does help, but putting more content does not necessarily will bring you more attention, concentrate on quality and not on quantity. Hope this helps.