Bluehost vs HostGator Comparison Of Hosting Services

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A Bluehost vs HostGator comparison of two of the most popular web hosting service companies. In this video I will compare their cpanels, customer support, pricing, uptime, speed/performance, SEO integration, email features, extra features, etc.

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  • Jan Bunbanlu

    Does Blue host allow adult sites?

  • DanayVids

    Hostgator sucks. they did not return my money after cancellation of order. as they advertised 1 month money back guarantee. when I contact them, they asked me that they have refund the money but i did not receive even after 6 month. fu**k hostgator

  • Adora Estrella

    hi is this hostgator available in manila philippines

  • Theron Burrough

    Gr8 video! Hostgator’s account suspension issue (I researched it) arose from scripts using more CPU or memory than allowed, slowing all accounts on that server. This has included sitemap scripts and (I gather) YOAST. I HAVE used HG for years and love my new Cloud service. This puts reseller accounts in a new light, however. If one customer’s script shuts down all Websites on a reseller account, I wouldn’t rely on it. If their policy is now to shut down the offending script and send a notice, that is far better than shutting down the account right away.

  • Debabrata Acharjee

    Thank you for this video.
    Btw guys i have a link that gives 65% off if you signup in a month after that.
    Applies to first 1000 clicks so u myt wana hurry

  • CluelessEvil

    Thanks for the help. I’ve been on StartLogic for a decade and find it to be a bit overkill for what I need… as well as a bit uncomfortably priced. I’m gonna try one of these two

  • Pluvia Aeterna

    great tut man!

  • HR Training with Mohamed Sabry

    hostgtor is a very bad hosting service even wordpress optimized. their servers is now down from 2 days and till now they are not resolve this problem. it’s just brand name and not equal what you pay

  • jay hustlenomics

    just got my subscription and received 2 free weeks

  • NaeandNea

    Has Hostgator improved the SEO integration since this vid?

  • Dianella Gonzalez

    DON’T GO TO BLUEHOST. The first thing you read in the main page, is:

    – “30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE”, and in the description
    – “no hidden fees or penalties for ending your term early”.

    I cancel my account one week later. And they keep 1/3 of the payment, they told me that the domain names are nonrefundable. Even when the page says “FREE DOMAIN”, (so they keep money for a free thing?) and you don’t get an email or something about that, you have to go by yourself to the terms of conditions to check if the information that they sell to you, is not false… and it is.

  • Ball Earth Freedumb!

    i agree. the contact us box on my site email never delivers messages! piece of crap service..

  • Sound sounds

    thnx man

  • Abdul Basit Suhail

    @Justin Bryant if both have same owner who do they have different different
    up-time / down-time both have same shared servers same support team

  • john chan


  • Robin Daniel

    Got bluehost exclusive discount link

  • MrAvtokomanda

    PS : Never Pay on Host Gator whit Credit Cards they mide to Pull Money for some Future that They Need , only Whit Debit Cards just to Have Enaf incede the Card for an about 16 $ to Check what kind of Story is , and if you Get F…. o.. , just to be only 16 $ ,

  • porsche804

    never heard so much uneducated dribble

  • MrAvtokomanda

    This is A lie about Host Gator You Can Install WordPress give you Blank Page and on yours Video does not
    have Button like in mine that sey 49 Dollars and when you are on live Help chat they will give you login page and if you try to Log then they get rid of You , and that’s it , dont Have your money 16 dollars and send you message whit Pay Your Bills and you actualy pay to them right now un thill they reach about 160 $ from some one ,and Custemer then mauby whil have some thing to work , i will Make Anti Propaganda Video , Contact me For More information ,, PS Doe’s not Exist 45 days Money Back , Thats It You Dont have Those Money once When you’v Payd ,