10 Ways To Make Money That You Didn’t Know About

10 ways to make money that you didn't know about. – Go to http://selfmadesuccess.com/ways-make-money-didnt-know-about/ for video notes and helpful resources mentioned.

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In this video, you will learn about 10 ways to make money that you didn't know about. The methods in this video aren't common knowledge. In fact, you can make money from a lot of things that you're already doing on a daily basis. I'll show you how to do it. Enjoy the video and let me know what you think!

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  • Debra Kendall

    I would rather have cash than gift cards. Can’t pay on a bill with gift cards.

    • Jason Petruzzi

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    • Berryvox

      Depends on the store. I can buy groceries with a Target gift card.

    • shabu mitchell

      Debra Kendall it’s what you do with those gift cards

  • ExtraordinaryLiving

    A lot of these money-making endeavors are letting market research companies collect data about your online activities and habits and your personal preferences. In essence, you are giving up a part of yourself in exchange for a measely amount of money.

    For example, I found out that with Bitwalking, you would be allowing them to collect data about you health, where you go on a daily basis, and other personal data. Who know what they are going to do with all these data! Ifyou value your own privacy, then you may want to think twice. As well, their compensation is not much at all–walk 5 miles for $1 bitcoin, and you are capped at 15 miles daily … hence, it is just $3 per day!

    So, people, be careful … do your due diligence research before you sign up or download anything or any apps.

    • shabu mitchell

      ExtraordinaryLiving you do that anyway no matter how you look at it if you Google anything it’ll show


    This is beer money. I want to pay my rent, I have had enough to drink.

  • Rachel Plotkin

    hey Justin, appreciate all ur vids. u should mention tho that bitwalking is only good in the UK, Malawi, Japan and one other country that I forget at the moment.

  • Barbara Schultz

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  • Murray Ataga

    Hey man.. Great videos. Please can l ask that you do a video on how to get bitcoins for free aside from bitwalking. Thank you

  • Kimberly Weeden

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  • James Latham

    Hi Justin
    Great videos, can you take up these schemes in the UK and Europe or are these only for the USA?


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  • Hamzah Ahmad

    because I use to work horrible miserable looking full-time

  • Ann Hall

    this is the 1st video I’ve seen of Yours and I will be trying several of your information packed ideas. to You I say Thank You! I’ll let You know how I make it work.

  • Inquire98

    “Thank You”, thank you very much. I have reviewed some of your videos, and I have had success. Now, I want to apply the information to a fundraiser I am developing for a local children’s hospital. Do you have ANY ideas or suggestions??? Let me know. I look forward to hearing from you 😎😀😎

  • Raxxis

    Great video – really insightful. Thanks

  • Tommy Jackson

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    awesome info

  • Reaper

    selling hair…. do they buy pubes? ;-]
    Don’t forget the money back debit / credit cards. Some banks and PayPal business debit card gives 1% or more back on your purchases. It adds up.

  • My Luv

    Justin please let me know how to contact you email address?

  • Raymond Benbow

    great info, tks!